Becoming a partner

Your business expertise matters!

Whether you are a website publisher, IT outsourcing company, consultant, business developer, or integrator, you can become a new NOUT partner today!

Do you have expertise in management? We are looking for partners to support our customers in their organizational processes and project management. Fill out the form below now to join us:

Why become a partner?

There are as many reasons to become a NOUT partner as there are applications for our solutions.

Website publishers: As a website publisher, you can concentrate exclusively on your customer’s web project without having to re-invent the wheel to manage the front office. Leverage a development-free solution with standard functions. You benefit from full control over customer budgets and front office management.

Outsourcing companies: SIMAX offers you a simple solution for assisting customers as their needs evolve, enabling you to provide  even more services and full support for their entire business activity.

Consultants: In your role as a professional consultant, you may have already made strategic recommendations to customers without having found the appropriate, programming-free software tool. Furthermore, most software tools require some level of development to implement strategy. With no programming required, SIMAX is an effective and efficient software tool for implementing recommended solutions for customers.

Business developers: As a business developer, you have no doubt already encountered cases with significant business specifics. It’s not always easy to know where to look for a solution. SIMAX offers you a unique guarantee of adaptability for both standard and specific projects.

Integrators: With SIMAX, your development hassles for specific integration are over! Your business expertise is the only thing that counts. Save time with our integrated import and interface engine and a wide range of standard features.

To help our partners sell better, NOUT has developed a dedicated “sales kit” that includes:

  • Training materials
  • Pre-sales support
  • Demonstration and sales tools
  • Project management tools
  • Access to our private website:
  • Subscription to our newsletter
  • SIMAX privileged-rate licenses for internal use
  • Technical support


The best way to appreciate SIMAX is to see it in action.

Download the demo version of our ERP for free!