100% customizable customer relationship management solution

SIMAX CRM is the most adaptable, programming-free CRM solution on the market. The solution’s success in international industry competitions has demonstrated its effectiveness upon numerous occasions. Our approach is to make the software adapt to the company, and not the other way around.

More than any other Customer Relationship Management system, SIMAX CRM promotes business strategy differentiation to offer real corporate benefits.

SIMAX CRM is a comprehensive solution that provides a range of standard modules to reduce IT budgets. This includes integrated messaging, scheduling, electronic document management (EDM), statistics, dashboards, and more.

SIMAX CRM is a connectivity champion for clients who are already working with external software. Featuring SOAP and REST Web services, direct database access, import/export, and more, SIMAX CRM interfaces with many software programs, such as Outlook, Exchange, CAD tools, MS Office and Open Office suites, business objects, websites, and merchant sites.

Customer relationship management

It is often said that “it costs ten times less to retain a customer than to find a new one.” SIMAX CRM gives users the ability to consolidate and build customer portfolios, follow up on marketing and business development, and drive their sales function effectively.

Managing articles and prices

Use SIMAX CRM to define articles and prioritization standards accurately for quick searches. Set net prices or discount rates per customer group, in minimum quantities (column rates) or by date ranges (promotions).

Sales and rentals

Our goal is to help you sell more and sell better by being able to provide clear and attractive quotations to facilitate processing. SIMAX CRM provides efficient tools for following up on order and contract status. Sales forecasts and reporting features enable you to track objectives and anticipate future trends.

Post-sales service

SIMAX CRM provides new service management tools to create service tickets from email automatically and prepare fast and easy answers for standard cases. For clients who want to take it further, SIMAX CRM can handle knowledge bases, fleet management, maintenance contract management, tracking guarantees, intervention scheduling, preventive maintenance, and much more.

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Discover complementary modules for SIMAX CRM to create an all-in-one business management solution that helps you manage production, projects, purchasing, inventory, and more.

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